We have received and integrated into our programme very interesting research proposals coming from different countries such as Spain, Norway, Germany, France, Israel, the United Kingdom and Austria! The researchers’ specialisms range from dance, CI, philosophy, psychology to music and/or physical education. Among the proposed topics are an investigation into the use of space; nonverbal interactions during a CI jam ; philosophical and practical enquiries into the concept of attention and mindfulness in CI; notions of ‘lived experience’ in CI; concepts of identity, social order and power ; the role of live music within CI settings; CI and Tango.

We are also very excited to host members of the Global Contact Improvisation Archive Project (GCIA) who are going to present elements of their research to ECITE participants!

The research activities will include interviews, research-oriented labs, observation of jams, writing, filming, group discussions. We also intend to dedicate half a day to a presentation. Groups and individuals will present their work through papers, talks, lecture/demonstrations or performative interventions, among other hybrid and creative formats.

With our assistance already two collaborative research groups have already formed and we hope that more of you will join existing projects so that new collaborations can come to life! It is important to note however that at this point we are not able to accept any new research proposals before the event due to limitations of space and time. We are definitely open to change and potential spontaneous emergence of more research initiatives but only after we all gather in Orleans and see how groups and labs will take shape.

At this stage, we therefore encourage those of you who wish to apply to ECITE 2015 to mention in your application whether you would like to join an existing research project. There is a section in the application form dedicated to research in which you can specify which project you wish to join and in what ways (see registration form). Once your application is accepted, you can then open a dialogue with any research ‘facilitator’ prior to your arrival to ECITE. You can find their proposals and contact details in this link : summaries of research proposals.

The ECITE2015 team is open to questions and propositions about finding harmonious and productive ways of integrating the proposed research activities into the rest of ECITE programme. So, feel free to contact us on ecite2015@gmail.com with your views and ideas. Certainly, your participation in the research activities is absolutely optional, however we would like to encourage everybody to contribute to the dialogue we are proposing between the practice of and research into contact improvisation.

List of accepted contributions

Call for research proposals

More information about the research process in some days